Professional toilet cleaner

It is gentle on the cleaned surface and boasts a pleasant fragrance * very efficient * combats microbiological environment and eliminates any disagreeable odours * sterilizes and thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl *  contains antibacterial nano-silver.

100% Natural. Contains antibacterial Nano-silver. Destroys the microbiological environment and eliminates bad odours. Very gentle on the surface to be cleaned. Orange essential oil. Cinnamon essential oil. Vanilla essential oil. Very effective. No more inhaling chemical


It removes stains and troublesome discolouration * thanks to a special formula it adheres well to the surface, so it can reach all the areas of the toilet bowl in the same way

Way of use:

The liquid should be evenly applied on the inside of the toilet bowl's rim, and left there for at least 30 minutes, and then flushed.

Toilet cleaner with nanosilver