Size: 20 cm x 20 cm


to be used slightly wet



Slightly wet the cleaner before use



 Sunbeam is made of synthetic microfibres with an average thickness of a few micrometers. Such a structure gives an enormous thickness to the cleaner, therefore it may be used for a number of surfaces, without fear of scratching. It makes cleaned surfaces shiny, without streaks and scratches. Cleans the spectacle lenses,does not leave dust, more frequent cleaning makes the spactacle lenses dewy or fogged - the dew recedes signifancy faster.Disinfects. Also suitable for cleaning phone, computer screen



Wash by hand with the use of nanosilver soap or in washing machine at a temperature upto 60ºC and upto 600 spin and without fabric softeners. After washing hang out for drying. Frequently wring it out during cleaning.


White Nanosilver soap is necessary for glove care.

Sunbeam for glasses Blue and Pink