Medium: 15cm x 22cm

Large: 16cm x 22cm


To be used dry



It is used to dust all kind of surfaces, and also to polishing metal objects, plastics, timber, leather and leather upholstery. The wipe gives anti-electrostatic properties to dusted surfaces, thus preventing dust accumulation. Has polishing properties.



Beat dust off the glove or use vacuum cleaner; if soiled, wash by hand with  nano-silver soap or in washing machine at a  temperature upto 60ºC  and upto 600 spin, without fabric softeners.

After washing hang out for drying.


No need to activate the Pink glove,but do wash it even for better results.


The cloths are long-lasting, averaging 8 years of service.


Nanosilver soap is necessary to use for glove care.


Pink Glove Medium Large