To be used dry



For dry floor cleaning. Ideal for collecting dust,human or pet hairs.Dust can be removed from the ceilings,walls,shelfs or another hard-to- reach surfaces. Also to polishing metal objects, plastics, timber, leather and leather upholstery. The pink floor pad gives anti-electrostatic properties to dusted surfaces, thus preventing dust accumulation.



Beat dust off the pad or use vaccume cleaner to remove dust; if soiled, wash by hand with nanosilver soap or in washing machine at a  temperature up to 60ºC and upto 600 spin, without fabric softeners.

After washing hang out for drying.


Do not need to activate pink cloth,but after washing in washing machine works even better.

Do not wash dirty, dusty glove.


Nanosilver soap is necessary to use for glove care.

Pink floor pad