A collection of all the very best E-Liquid flavourings, from Lolly Vape Co. Single concentrated flavors are generally designed for the inclusion towards making E-Liquid recipes. whether its 3, 4 or more flavours that makes a great recipe. The flavour combinations are limitless & can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.


Lolly Vape Co. Concentrates


4 Delicious Flavours


Split It - Sweet orange shell with an ice cream centre.


Twist It - Classic raspberry, strawberry and lime lolly flavour.


Screw It - Classic screwball flavour - ice cream, raspberry and bubblegum.


Rock It - Classic rocket lolly flavour.





30ml Concentrate with a child-proof cap.

Recommended mix: 20%

Recommended steep time: 1-2 weeks

Lolly Vape Co 30ml

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