Juice N' Power 20mg

Shock - A sweet sherbet rainbow candy flavour Nic Salt e-liquid, perfect for starter kits and Pod devices.


Spearmint Rainbow -  A combination of the coolest spearmint flavour blended with the sweetest candy giving you the ultimate mouth tingling vape sensation!


Caramel Milkshake - A combination of thick, creamy Milkshake layered with sticky, gooey Caramel.


Fizzy Rainbow -  A fusion of an irresistible blue slush flavour mixed with the sweetest taste of fizzy candy creating a burst of colour from the roof of your mouth to the tip of your tongue.


Tropical Rainbow - A combination of exotically tropical fruit flavours blended with the sweetest candy to take your mouth on holiday with every vape.


Rainbow Milkshake - A infusion of milky ice-cream and the sweetest Skittles for a colourful burst of flavour that will send you into milkshake heaven.


Mango Medley - A combination of deliciously sweet mangoes combined with luscious peaches sending powerful waves all through your mouth.


Bubblegum Rainbow - A fusion of an undeniably delicious bubblegum flavour mixed with the sweetest taste of candy which bursts in your mouth creating a rainbow within the palate of your tongue.

Juice N Power 20mg Nic Salt

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