Make some of the most beautiful liquids with the IVG Concentrate.


12 Amazing flavours to choose from:


Apple Cocktail - A combination of the sweet crisp taste of apples and the refreshing taste of a cocktail. (Recommended mix: 15-17%)


Raspberry - Sweet yet tart Raspberry. An all day vape. (Recommended mix: 10-15%)


Bubblegum - A sweet and candy tasting bubblegum. (Recommended mix: 16-19%)


Apple Blackcurrant Slush - A sweet and refreshing apple and blackcurrant slush flavour. (Recommended mix: 15-18%)


Blue Slush - A cool blue slush perfect for them summer days, or any time really! (Recommended mix: 17-19%)


Lemon Lime Mojito - Reminiscent of those hot days on the beach. Citrus and refreshing. (Recommended mix: 15-18%)


Mango - A lovely tropical fruit flavour that tastes just like the real thing. (Recommended mix: 16-20%)


Vanilla Milkshake - Classic old school Vanilla Milkshake. Smooth and creamy. (Recommended mix: 15-17%)


Rainbow - Vape the Rainbow! A sweet mixed fruit candy. (Recommended mix: 15-17%)


Blackcurrant Lemonade - A fizzy mix of lemonade and blackcurrant. Delightfully refreshing. (Recommended mix: 17-20)


Sweet Mint - A refreshing minty kick with sweetness overtones. (Recommended mix: 15-20%)


Cola - Fizzy, refreshing cola on a nice summer day. (Recommended mix: 15-17%)



- Capacity: 30ml

- Flavour Concentrate by IVG is to be used in DIY e liquid and should not be vaped on its own.

- Recommended steep time: 1-3 days

IVG Concentrate 30ml

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