Size: 25 cm

Size: 40 cm


The window system consists of an adhesive white cloth and a special laser-cut rubber. Suitable for cleaning windows and mirrors. We clean the surface wet with a white cloth, and wipe the remaining water with the rubber horizontally or vertically (as you prefer).After each scrubbing, it is recommended to dry the rubber with a Sunbeam cloth. If you have large floor-to-ceiling windows, a complete set of window systems will easily help you clean, reach and easily maneuver. It has a stainless telescopic aluminium pole, an joint for the window express and a clear window express itself.

Window Express is also great for cleaning:

For windows (home, car )

For mirrors Glossy surface of kitchen cabinets

For glass, glossy tables

It is possible to scrape the shower glass after bathing, drying immediately slows down the formation of limescale. Quick, easy window cleaning and a pleasing result.


Sunbeam fabric is necessary to dry rubber and to collect left water pushed to one side after rubber.


The white cloth must be activated before using and maintaining Nanosilver soap

Express for the Windows