Get ready to tanmtalise your taste buds!!


The original donut King flavours in Nic Salts




Deep Fried - Vaping what taste's like the real thing, A crispy fried donut.


Strawberry Cream - A real fresh creamy strawberry donut that makes your mouth water for more.


Cinnamon Apple - The fresh dough taste of a donut with a sweet cinnamon finish.


Vanilla Custard - It’s a beautifully glazed doughnut filled with delicious vanilla custard. For me, this doughnut is…. THE DOUGHNUT KING!


Raspberry Coconut - A freshly baked donut with a beautiful raspberry coconut filling.


Delightful Lemon doughnut - The Best Lemon Doughnut You Will Ever Try Without All The Calories.

Donut King Nic Salts 20mg

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