Popular set Trio!


Bathroom set  includes:

White glove ( Size 15 cm x 22 cm )

Sunbeam fabric ( Size 38 cm x 38 cm)

Nano silver soap 100g ; 200g


The principle of operation is a unique fiber, it is hollow and all dirt gets on it and does not transfer it to another surface to be cleaned all cloths are impregnated with colloidal silver, as a result the surfaces to be cleaned are disinfected.


White glove's wet fibres break-up dirt in pores of a dirty surface, causing formation of emulsion which should be eventually removed with the sunbeam cloth.White glove is for wet cleaning of surfaces that are not afraid of large amounts of water: tiles, grout lines, taps, bath, glass, mirrors,walls(if waterproof paint), car body, wheels, hobs, oven,worktops, cooker and etc. Also you can use in the kitchen and all around the house.


Sunbeam fabric is used after the White glove to dry and polish surfaces (taps, glasses, mirrors, car body etc.). Perfectly absorbs moisture and shines, does not leave any streaks.


Brown Soap, natural with nanosilver, helps to overcome dirt (aged, harder to clean stains, grease), inhibits the development of mold and fungus.Also used for the care of cloths. No chemicals needed.


Wash the cloth with washing machine to activate fibres before first use.


The cloths are long-lasting, averaging 8 years of service.


Nanosilver soap is necessary to use for glove care. Sunbeam fabric is necessary to use after white glove.

Bathroom set Trio